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Paris’s 15 places for taking the best Instagram photos.

Happy woman

I’ve been 8 years here in Paris; the beautiful city of lights and love. This is a post of spots in Paris where you can take the best photos. it has been on my waiting list for forever and i could not wait any more hehe. So it’s about time i share the most Instagrameable points en Paris. Whether you live here or you are just a tourist, these are the: You must do in Paris

I believe that this city is a city full of charm and that practically in every corner and at every turn, you will find an excuse to grab your camera or your phone to take a picture. With absolutely no exaggeration, Paris is stunning! Each point has many different angles and you want to see them all! believe me!

Here is an example of what I’m trying to say. primarily with this post with our iron lady;The Eiffel Tower, and it’s many angles.

1. What’s the best angle for taking pictures with the Eiffel Tower?

You will see that the Eiffel Tower has many angles and here are my favorites. Just remember that its forbidden to take pictures of the Eiffel Tower at night when all the lights illuminate and this monument is protected by the copy rights that belong to the SOCIÉTÉ D’EXPLOITATION DE LA TOUR EIFFEL.
and if they decide to, they can fine you.

There’s a link provided under each picture that shows the exact addresses of each one.

Couple in love in Paris.
Photo ideas with the Eiffel Tower from the Varsovie.

Photo ideas for couples with the Eiffel Tower from the Varsonie Paris

A picture with the Eiffel Tower.
Photo ideas with the Eiffel Tower from Trocadéro

Photo Ideas with the Eiffel Tower from Trocadero Paris

Best view of Eiffel Tower. Woman sitting
Photo Ideas with the Eiffel Tower from La France Renaissante

Children in the park Paris
Photo Ideas with the Eiffel Tower from Allée Maurice Baumont

Happy woman
Photo Ideas with the Eiffel Tower from el puente d’iéna

what to buy at Disney land sena woman's glasses bag
Photo Ideas with the Eiffel Tower from La avenue de New York

And last but not least, this picture is taken from the highest tower in Paris that is Montparnasse which also has a 360 view over the capital. Question: Which is your favorite picture with the Eiffel Tower? Let me know in a comment, I will be happy to read and keep up with more

360 degree view of Paris's family, mother and children
Photo Ideas with the Eiffel Tower from Montparnasse Tower

2. Pictures in Paris from “The Arc of Triunfo”.

“The Arc of Triomphe” as a background for your photos in Paris is undoubtedly one of those that can not be missing from your memories album or from your Instagram feed;)

This monument is one of the most famous in Paris along with the Eiffel Tower. Perhaps these two monuments are the most representatives of Paris. Here are some ideas for taking pictures with the “Arc of Triomphe” behind.

gucci, arco de triunfo cafe , joven

3. The best spots to take photos in Montmartre Paris

Montmartre is the bohemian neighborhood of the capital. There, you will find the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, the emblematic Mouline Rouge that I definitely recommend you to visit. In case you take the time to walk through this picturesque neighborhood, you will end up finding several super Instagrameables spots in Paris. I will present here a list of monuments which you’ve already seen them in millions of photos circulating on the networks. But first, you have to know this:

Bohemio neighborhood en paris
Paris’s view from “The Sacré Cœur Basilica”

Beware of thieves in Montmartre

The visit to Montmartre can start or end at the Red Mill in front of the Blanche Metro station on line 2. Keep in mind that the neighborhood does not have much reputation among locals for not being very well frequented, this is what I meant about the existence of any number of pickpockets / thieves in this area of ​​the city.

Paris's red mill theater

you must be very careful with your personal belongings, even more with your wallet and mobile for they usually tear it out of your hands (this also happens in the subway so always be attentive). If you are a girl traveling alone, my recommendation would be that you do not visit the neighborhood alone at night, you may feel that I am exaggerating but I have lived here a long time and it is better to avoid having a bad time and not allowing your visit to this beautiful city end up ruined.

Spots to visit in Montmartre Paris

The view of the basilica of the sacred heart
Photo Ideas from49-35 Rue du Chevalier de la Barre

Place du Tertre Montmartre Paris

La place du Terte is a picturesque, full of live place with a special charm. Do not hesitate for a second to stop here to enjoy a glass of wine or coffee with a delicious French dessert while you’re wrapped up in art.

 Wall of the "i love you" in Paris
Photos of the “i love you” wall

Cierro Montmartre con el muro de los Te amo que es un muro de 40 mts que esta a la salida del metro linea 12 estación Abbesses y el muro es famoso ahora por que allí encontraras la palabra: Te Amo en 250 idiomas y si ! El Amor lo puede todo 😁

Louvre’s museum

Louvre museum

My favorite spot to take photos with the pyramid of the Louvre is at Marly cafe

The pillars of Buren Paris

And 5 minutes walking from the Louvre you will count the Pillars of Buren of the Royal Palace.

Latin neighborhood and Notre-Dame of Paris – what to visit and where to take photos

Notre-Dame is across the street from the Latin neighborhood; a touristic neighborhood that has numerous cafes, bars and restaurants located in the 5th District, Parisian center.

I will take this opportunity to tell you that the “Latin neighborhood” isn’t named like that because of a Latin community, but because in the middle ages, the students spoke Latin and this district was the outstanding neighborhood of the student revolutions.

If you ask me, my top 1 neighborhood / district to live in is Paris along with district 7 and 16 The best French school is in this district but you can only go there if you live within this district. Reason why many want to acquire even if a small property here as that would open the doors of the famous school Lycée Henri IV To his children

A woman in a garden

Encontrarán igualmente muchos spots para sus fotos, incluyendo el Jardín de Luxembourg que esta a unos 8 minutos caminando desde Notre-Dame. Yo los invito a perdersen en este distrito y quizás nos cruzamos por ahí, pues este es nuestro neighborhood aquí vivimos. Nos vemos pronto 💋