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New York – Places to visit with children in the Big Apple.

Nueva York

Traveling to New York is always a delight regardless of the time of the year. On this occasion, we visited the Big Apple mid-winter and I was accompanied by my 4 and a half-year-old daughter and my mother who lives there. So the activities of three females of different ages had to be thought through, especially so that my little explorer could enjoy each of those days to the fullest.

Here I will leave The Must Do as a family in New York, especially if you have young children. But of course, regardless of age, there are thousands of things to do New York. Nevertheless, here I will share our 6 stops in N.Y.


1. Visit the zoo in Central Park

Evidently, the Zoo is located in Manhattan in Central Park. At the entrance and in the center of the Zoo, you can find the California sea lions very adapted to being the center of attention, I could swear they were there posing so that all tourists, including us, would take pictures of them. For a sample of what I’m telling you, just look at my photos. 🙂

What animals do they have in the zoo in central park?

In addition to sea lions, there are 2 polar bears, red pandas, monkeys, leopards, Antarctic penguins, seals and some birds Going to this zoo made me instantly think about one of my children’s favorite films; Madagascar. Visiting this Zoo can be lots of fun for the children.

Where to buy the entrance tickets for the zoo in New York?

The best way is to buy the tickets online from the official page:
Since it avoids queuing, just show the tickets on your mobile phones to pass.


  • Children under 2 years = FREE ENTRANCE
  • Children of ages 3-12 years old = $13
  • Adults = $18
  • Adults +65 years = $ 15

If you are traveling to New York with children, this should undoubtedly be one of your mandatory stops. The zoo can be visited in about an hour with short stops and while leaving you can walk in the same Central Park. There are restaurants, cafes and some shopping stores inside and outside of the zoo. Also, if you are planning a visit to parks, zoos and gardens then you should note visiting the New York Botanical Garden and the aquarium which is located in Brooklyn down on your agenda. If what you are looking for is fun in every way possible, keep reading 😉

My mom and my daughter!! 🙂



2. A walk-in central park

Central Park is gigantic and so if they decide to start the day with a visit to the zoo then they could continue with some of the activities they can do in the same place, and these activities can be:

  • Free Hike
  • A Horse and carriage ride
  • Bike rental
  • Tour Central Park in a rickshaw
  • Walking tour in central park for 2hrs with a Private guide

3. Ice skating in New York


Bryant Park ice skating rink

you will find 3 spots for ice skating in New York
1) Bryant Park ice skating rink

It is a public park that sits between Fifth and Sixth Avenue and between the 40th and 42nd streets in Midtown. New York (video)

The entrance is free so if you have your skates there is no need to pay. Skates rental, however, like everywhere else, has to be paid.

This is where we decided to embark on the ice skating adventure; in the heart of Manhattan.

The skate Rental Price is $ 20 per person and you can skate as long as you want

I have to share this little happiness on my daughters face here with you 🙂

2) Rockefeller’s center ice skating rink

Fifth Avenue between 49th and 50th Street, through Channel Gardens. On the Rockefeller track, you have to pay for the entrance and the skates rental. Adults: from $ 25 to $ 32 per session; Children up to 11 years old: $ 15 per session and skate rental is $ 12

3) Central Park ice skating rink

The skating rink is located on 62nd Street with Fifth Avenue, east side of Central Park.
The entrance is $ 12 from Monday to Thursday and $ 19 on weekends and holidays. The price includes the rental of skates and you can also skate as long as you want.

4. A hike on the Brooklyn Bridge

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge on feet is very nice. I was thinking a lot about what my starting point would be. If I do it from Manhattan to Brooklyn or vice versa. I decided to do the hike in the afternoon so I had to think about what would be the best view for the sunset.

So we arrived in Brooklyn. (lines to get on subway 4, 5 or 6 trains to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall stop.J or Z trains at the top of Chambers St.

We start with a walk through the John Street Park, you can use this Google maps map for the location and starting point: backward, you have the incredible view of Manhattan and before arriving at the bridge.

The area is full of Italian restaurants which serve Pizza, pasta, and salads in the Mediterranean style.
Our hike from Brooklyn to Manhattan took almost 2hrs but most of that time was for the thousand stops we took to take pictures and enjoy the wonderful sunset but the actual time you need to cross the bridge is only 25 minutes. In winter and spring times I would recommend going well covered and dressed since its usually windy and cold.

5. Visiting the statue of liberty

If you go to New York, It is a must and you cannot leave the city without visiting The Most Famous Lady in the city first.

On this occasion we had to settle to see it from the Ferry from a very close distance as if it was from nose to nose hehe but in reality, the plan was not to just take the Ferry to make the round on the island, it was more to get off and visit the Statue of Liberty from head to toe. Unfortunately, though this trip was organized at the last minute and most of the tickets were purchased online a couple of hours before visiting each touristic site.

The departure on the ferry to visit the statue of liberty was booked just a few hours in advance, the main idea was to visit the island and for that reason, the reservations must be made about 72 hours in advance.

When I checked the availability of tickets to go to the island they were unavailable and so they suggested making the reservation in advance of at least 3 days. So, that will be more o the first tip for this tour.
Where to but the tickets to go to the Statue Of Liberty? Here in this link, you can find the agency that you need since they were super attentive, I recommend

How to get to the gate to go to the statue of liberty?

here I will leave the map

The tour lasted exactly 1 hour and everything was very nice but we are looking forward to returning and doing it the way it should be done.

6. Visiting Times Squares with children

The visit to Time Squares began at the end of the afternoon with the idea that my daughter would see all the lights. I love this impressive point of the big apple because it always manages to leave me astonished, and with children, it is incredible to see how they manage to find fascination in every little thing.

My daughter was looking in all directions and saying that it was the biggest and most incredible party she had ever gone to and she was right. Time Squares is amazing and we could say that everyone there is part of a very big and striking event that cannot be missed. Recommendation for kids.

There is a Disney store on the side of the fifth avenue and even if for us adults, it may not be so pleasant to enter because it’s an extremely crowded place, believe me your kids will like it ( Who doesn’t love the Disney’S world right?  😀 )  and you could also buy a souvenir.

  • ATTENTION: Time Squares in a very visited place, there are hundreds of people walking from one side to another, so you can not take your eyes off your children or let go of their hand for a single second.
    Traveling with children is different and there is a list of things that can not be missed when going out for sightseeing. Always carry 1 Document of the minor and an attached telephone number to call in case of emergency
    2. Before leaving on your day of tourism, make sure you have an extra change of clothes for the child
    (It happened to us that the girl stumbled in a puddle and got herself all wet so that we had to go and buy her clothes, so im left with experience)
    3. Snacks in a bag: children do not understand that they are in full a tour of a museum, when they are hungry, they are just hungry, so providing them snacks in our bag is a good idea.
    4. A water bottle
    5. An extra sweater in case you visit NY in winter – spring.
    6. Hand’s sanitizer
    7. Sunscreen and / or moisturizer since the cold can hurt your skin.

Now my last photo of NY to say goodbye, but tell them that we will be back soon with more. Don’t forget that you can follow our adventures more closely on Instagram. I’m waiting for you 😀