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How to travel easily to Europe from Paris

Weekend getaway from Paris to Figueres Spain.

Hello !! Are you wondering what could be the easiest and the cheapest way to travel between European countries? Brilliant!! Therefore this post is for you 😉

Voy a contarte que la manera en que viajamos nosotros entre ciudad y ciudad aquí en Francia es con el TGVINOUI. Si me lees desde otro país y no sabes lo  que es el TGVINOUI  🇫🇷 Te comento que son trenes de alta velocidad con el que  puedes moverte por todo Francia e ir a diferentes destinos en Europa. 

France's train

Traveling in Europe or in France with the TGV is very practical since the stations (La Gare) are within the cities and so there is no need to check in. There are no queues for luggages and you do not need to worry about kilos and so on, meaning the things you worry about on a plane.

You can save the money you spend taking taxis back and forth to airports, and there are no delays. Inside the TGV you will have a restaurant, Wi-Fi connection along your route, a lot of space and you will always find very interesting travel offers.

If you travel with children it is a pass, in addition to the space to move, taking a nap with the coach is required, and there is also a large table to eat, play, draw etc … only benefits

I had to start with this short explanation about the INVUI TGV since when I arrived to this country, I had no idea what a high-speed train it was, nor what it was called, just nothing at all. so I hope these lines help in your general knowledge to get around better in this little piece of land 🙂

  • TGV INOUI = Tren de alta velocidad en Francia 🚉 (cada país en Europa tiene su propio nombre )
  • GARE = ​​Railway station (La Gare = the railway station – the pronunciation is: La Gar)

The railway stations in Paris are:

  • Gare d’Austerlitz
  • Gare de Lyon
  • Gare Saint-Lazare
  • Gare de Bercy
  • Gare de l’est
  • Gare du nord
  • Gare de Montparnasse

To which European countries can you travel from France on the TGVINOUI – high speed train

  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Belgium
  • Holland
  • England
  • Monaco
  • Andorra

It is very easy to buy a ticket just by going here:

Now, I am going to talk about how the weekend in Figueres-Spain was like as a family; with my 4 and 6 year old children and my husband. I will also talk about the reason why you should visit this beautiful region in Catalonia as well. You are going to fall in love !!

We left Paris on Friday at 7:30 am, we arrived at the Hotel President and in the same afternoon we were already making our first visit to the magnificent castle of San Fernando of Figueres. I will list the touristic spots to visit.

What to visit in Figueres and its surroundings when you are with children?

1. The Castle of Sant Ferran of Figueres

We were cordially received by Montse; the representative of the city council of Figueres. He had welcomed us to the Catalan Fortresses and gave us the history book of the castle. (I take this opportunity to tell you that if you need touristic information about the region, do not hesitate to go to their Figueres tourism page)

The sightseeing in the Castle of San Fernando could be guided and that was what happened in our case.

I will tell you what we learned there and i will start by telling you that it is the largest military fortress in Europe; it has a dimension of 320,000 meters squared and more than 30,000 visitors are left stunned every year.

Curiously, the birth of the castle came from the border in war between the Spanish and the French monarchies but what had separated these two beautiful countries in the seventeenth century today unites them; As Figueres is one of the favorite destinations of the French and I do not say this because i have numbers, I say this because during our visit, a high percentage of visitors were French.

We learned a lot there thanks to the guide but … I’m not going to tell you everything hehe since I prefer you go there to visit 😀

But without a doubt, you will love the place and the activities with the children are great since they can be fascinated by the safari jeep tour. Although for my children, their favorite part ended up being passing through the underground cisterns in the boat.

Tourism in Figueres Spain

With the visit of this majestic castle and a short walk through the center of the city, our Friday afternoon ended.

2. Visiting the Dali museum

Salvador Dali himself decided to build his own museum above the ruins of the old municipal theater of Figueres after the civil war. The museum was inaugurated in 1978 and there is a whole collection of Dali’s work which allows him to acquire his artistic career in the world of surrealism.

3. The view of Figueres toy museum

The toy museum is a few meters away from the Dali museum. There you will find a whole collection of Toys of different years with which we discover that the novelties in children’s toys in reality is not new but are old ideas conceived many years ago and have been adjusted to fit our time. It was a pleasant visit.

4. Rent a classic car

In a beautiful Cadillac convertible of the year 1968, and in the company of its owner Elena, we have made a part of our tour through a part of Gerona.

I can tell you that a ride in a classic car can be a romantic and a very fun experience so if you are interested in of Classic Cars and you are in Catalonia, do not hesitate to contact Elena who owns Classics Florida where you can find a very beautiful collection of Cars.

5.Visit a vineyard

The first location that the beautiful convertible Cadillac went to was the vineyard lavinyeta Behind this vineyard there is a very beautiful story because its owners, Joseph and Marta; his wife, started from 0 and just after finishing their studies they decided to set up their own vineyard. Today, 15 years later, they produce more than 250 thousand bottles of wine a year. There they have more than just wines because their organic production reached eggs, honey, cheese, olive oil and even soap. It is indeed a very inspiring story for all of us. Moreover, Joseph is super simple hearted and is very nice.

6. Butterfly Park’s view

in the Butterfly park You will find a fascinating world of exotic animals with full freedom within that tropical garden. There are: Butterflies, parrots and other animals that can be easily recognized by children thanks to the small guide they’re given at the entrance and there, they can mark the animals that are found throughout the visit with a pencil.

Butterflies Facts

Do you know how long a butterfly lives?

A few years ago I found out the answer to this when I visited a butterfly garden in Costa Rica and the answer made me very sad because I am a lover of butterflies and their beauty.

Moreover, I have a unique and a small tattoo on my ankle of a blue morpho butterfly because I believe we are here transforming and evolving.

The life of the butterfly depends a lot on its species but some only live hours, others only live days and the one that lives the most is the Monarch butterfly that is 288 days. Incredible no?

6. Rent an electric boat ( Ecoboat ) and navigate to Empuriabrava

I was surprised by Empuriabrava that it was like a little Venice full of beauty in front of my eyes.

We were received by Alex; a very charismatic boy who speaks in perfect French, Spanish and English. So don’t panic, they’ll understand whichever language you speak 🙂

Renting the boat is very simple,the age of the crew does not matter. Anyone can navigate it since it is electric, and my two smurfs have had a lot of fun playing captains.

The tour was more or less than an hour and it very pleasant so if you visit Empuriabrava it is something you should do 🙂

7.Go to the beach of Empuriabrava

We could not leave Spain without spending a few hours on the beach and here there is nothing more to say than enjoying a day at the beach is always effortless 😀

Bye Figueras hasta la próxima 💋